A new application for socializing

That's the new app concept. Introduced 4 year ago with different activities, you will love to join the application in order to socialize in a friendly atmosphere. That's new in Paris. Everybody have to be friendly that the rules ... You will be welcome also for languages exchange or help people to improve themself, so you will interact with people from all over the world and you could talk about everything in a open-minded atmosphere. Bring your friends everyone's welcome :) If you dont know anyone there its fine, you can come alone and meet people there, just install socializus on Ios or Android and find whatsapp groups for different activities, say hello and introduce yourself. It's time for socializing !

Find your vibrant community!

Come to our events to meetup with expats, international students, fille-au-père and more social people in Paris that want to party and have a good time. Our app is also the way to speak all languages and interact with attendees with different WhatsApp group available in the iOS or Android app. The website also allows you to see what's new with your community ;)

Android App

Install our SOCIALIZUS App to share activities and meet new people. Available with all android phone since August 2020. So A new way to share activities and meet new people in a friendly atmosphere.

Iphone App

Stay on top of all the events and activity of the vibrant community. Ios app is available with iOS 13 so it will work with iphone 6s and all tne newer phone. In case of trouble contact us with our infoline.


In case of issue, be welcome to join our dev team with whatsappn it's also a good way to contact use if you need to become organiser and would like help to create an amaz ing event with a lot of people.